Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for borrowing books and other media at Gjesdal Public Library

Library customer rights

Anyone living in Norway can borrow books and other media free of charge. Some media may only be used in the library itself.

The library may limit the number of very popular items to be taken out on loan at any one time.

Breach of library rules or abuse of the library’s trust in any way, may lead to the loss of  right to borrow for a given amount of time set by the library.


Library Card

When registering at the library there is a choice of two different cards, one local library card for Gjesdal Public Library or a national library card, which is valid for most libraries in Norway. In the case of the latter, a full person number is required.

Information needed by the library when registering is :  Name, Date of Birth and Address. The provision of email address and phone numbers are optional.

Children can get their own library card when they start school. Their parent’s or guardian’s name will also be registered until the child reaches the age of 14.

The library customer is responsible for notifying the library of any change of name, home address, email address or phone number or in the case of loss of their library card.


The loan period 

The loan period for books is 28 days, for magazines and games 14 days and for videos and DVDs one week.

A loan can normally be renewed twice provided there is no waiting list for the items. Renewal can be done by telephone, over the Internet or at the library.


Media acquired from other libraries

The library will try to acquire books and some other media, which are not in the library’s own collection, from other libraries if requested by the customer.


Audio-visual materials

Audio-visual materials borrowed from the library are for private use only. The age-rating on movies is the one set by the Norwegian Media Authority.



The library offers Internet access for public use. Searching for WebPages with pornographic, racist or violent content is prohibited, as is any other Internet use which violates Norwegian law.



The customer is responsible for the material borrowed on his/her library card. All damaged or lost materials must be paid for and the library will set the amount.

A reminder notice will be sent out either by post, email or SMS for overdue materials and there will be a fee. 
For 2008 the following fees apply: 1st reminder - 10 NOK,  2nd reminder - 20 NOK. 
If the customer’s outstanding fees total more than 100 NOK, no further material may be borrowed until all fees are paid in full.

The library is not responsible for any damage that may occur to private visual/audio playing equipment when using library material.

Regulations on confidentiality 

The library staff must observe confidentiality regarding their customers and the materials they borrow. All borrowed materials are registered on a computer until it is returned, at which time all the data is deleted. The loan register is managed according to regulations given by the Norwegian Data Inspectorate.