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Fossi Gjesdal

Fossi Gjesdal
Månafossen is the highest waterfall in Rogaland and in the ninth place nationally. From the parking area you hike from the southern side of the river. The track leading to the fall is partly steep and rugged. The steepest parts are furnished with steps and chains to hold on to. From the track you have a view of the fall, which has a free fall of 92 m. It is protected by law and one of the greatest attractions in Rogaland.

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Kongeparken (The King`s Park)
Kongeparken is one of the greatest amusement parks in Western Norway and also the most visited attraction. In the park you may experience a magic chocolate factory, Norway`s longest bobsled track, Norway`s biggest roller coaster, the Bumblebee, Norway`s highest roundabout, the Airship and the Teddybear Hotel.
The King`s Park introduces new attractions every year. New this year are the Rapids, a timber slide which send you forward and backward off the falls and through rapids.

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Gloppedalsura (The Gloppedal Scree)
Gloppedalsura consists of avalanche blocks resting on terminal moraine barriers. About 10000 years ago the glaciers melted. A big barrier dammed up the biggest scree in Northern Europe. This process dammed the Hunnedal River for some time and formed a lake. The terraces in Byrkjedal show what this morainedammed lake was like. Erosion made enormous amounts of blocks and rocks slide down the southern mountainside. The avalanche ended up as a 100 m thick scree on the barrier.

Byrkjedalstunet (The Byrkjedal Centre)
The site contains a hotel and a restaurant, in which the traditional food, the history and the down-to-earth, genuine experience are central elements. Byrkjedalstunet has its own production of candles, and here you may buy handmade candles, local art and things for your home.

Ålgårdsbanen (Ålgård Railroad)
Figgjo Station is turned into a small railroad museum. Here you may find an exhibition of railroad cars and two switch engines. Handcars can be rented for trips along the railroad. A return trip is about 6 km. You must wear a helmet for your own safety, a ride without a helmet is your own responsibility. Helmets can be rented, but you are advised to bring your own.


Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)
Preikestolen towers 604 metres above Lysefjord. It was formed by erosion at a time when the glacier reached the edges of the cliff, approximately 10000 years ago. The water from the glacier froze in the crevices of the mountain and broke off angular blocks carried by the glacier. From May until the middle of September, also including some weekends in April and the end of September, it is possible to travel by bus several times daily from Tau to the Pulpit Rock Lodge. The bus corresponds with ferry departures from the Fiskepirterminal in Stavanger. It is a two hours` hike on a signposted track to Prekestolhytta (Pulpit Rock Mountain Lodge). Remember warm clothes, mountain shoes and food pack!


To Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock): Lauvvik – Oanes
From Oanes   From Lauvvik
From 05:30 (Sat/Sun 0730)     From 05:45 (Sat/Sun 0745)
Every half hour on the half hour    A quarter to and a quarter past
To: 00:15   To: 00:30

The ferry crossing is about 10 minutes

Touristferry  Lysefjord
14.06.13 - 18.08.13

Dep. Lauvvik 09:00
Dep. Forsand 09:10
Arr. Lysebotn 11:30

Dep. Lysebotn 12:00
Arr. Forsand 14:20
Arr. Lauvvik 14:30

Kjerag is a majestic mountain in Lysefjord, 1084 m above sea level. It is the highest of all the mountains around the fjord. Enjoy the view of the fjord and feel the adrenalin flowing when you enter the Kjerag Bolt. From a boat you can easily see the mountain wall, descending steeply into the fjord. Mountain climbers as well as basejumpers may be tempted by this rock wall in summer. On a signposted walk from Øygardsstøl it takes about 4 to 6 hours to and fro. The terrain is heavy and demanding, and it is a great advantage to be used to the mountains. Remember warm clothing, mountain shoes and food pack.




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